Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 2016     149.00€  111.75€ 


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Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 2016

Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro

  • Materiaali: High Modulus Graphite / Spiral Tech Carbon / Nano Tecnology
  • Paino: 90gr
  • Kehäkoko: 57 sq. inch
  • Painopiste: 290mm ( head light )
  • Kehämalli: Isometric
  • Jänneväli: 22x22
  • Grippikoko: G3
  • Varsi: Ultra Stiff
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The ProKennex Kinetic Pro badminton racket has a hot melt construction, using treated Spiral Tech Carbon and High Modulus Graphite combined with pure Nano Epoxy resin, which results in increased stability and strength as well as ultimate power, feel and control. It also provides exceptional dampening qualities and improved playability. The racket has an ultra-stiff octagonal head shape for added stability and incorporates an ultra-stiff, high kick point tapered shaft making it suitable for the aggressive, attacking player. It is 26.5” long and has a head light balance ensuring improved manoeuvrability.

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